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These are advanced technique to monitor your website and bring your site on a top level of your business, to push back your competitor.

In earlier ages of internet, when the requirement of connecting peoples and market on a point which give birth to world wide website also known as website, with it search engines bring new concepts of marketing with it.

Those days till now peoples and subscribe search queries through internet search engine provided by Giant companies, such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, Aol etc. these logic made for visitors and a general internet user, beyond these search engine built there policies to get the best results for the end user, like a webmaster has to work on Search Engine Optimization, keyword marketing, link exchange, back links, directory submission etc. etc. but there was no tool to find, when the Search Engine has indexed your website, and at what point or what level of your site is.

Day by day when a revolution in the IT business occurs, a open source and access to endless possibilities made available for the developers, which we have used and develop unique website for your services to let you know where your site stands.

Internet Marketing Tools:

* SEO Stats
* Google Datacenter check
* Google Pagerank Button
* Googlebot last access
* Sitemap Submitter
* Ping Service
* Spider View
* Meta Tag Analysis
* Links Check
* Poll Service
* Star Rating
* Smilie Creator
* Social Bookmark Tool
* Link Preview
* Yahoo bot last visit
* MSN bot last Visit
* SEO Monitor
* Free Counter

Just check your website rank and stats, each of our service generate code which you can copy and paste into your website template, it will help your site to get updated and automatically force search engine bots to crawl your website as soon a new content updated.

Our services are free because we are working as a social worker of internet market to enhance our skills and experience. All the services you avail is free of cost until n unless we are working as a social worker.

Yes we work as a paid developer on any project, depends on idea we do not work on duplicate stuff or the stuff which already in bulk, The advantage working with us is, we are not only highly paid developers, but we have numbers of satisfied clients and a professionally skilled peoples in our team.

The services you can avail after signup:

Sitemap Submitter:
With this tool you can directly notify Google, Yahoo!,, MSN ( and about your new or updated sitemap file.

Link Preview:
Create automatic link preview from your media links, supported sites, youtube, metacafe revver, google, and veoh. It has also advance technology to check file extensions lik wmv, mpg, mpeg, asf.

SEO Monitor:
SEO Monitor is a stats system from SEO , we update your stats every 7 days and you look updates in your Page rank , pages indexed and back links! Simple and easy to create your SEO monitor now, add code in your web page which keep you inform about your website SEO.

Top Sites:
We update top sites, all sites running the services in your site are listed here, please check and contact us if your site is not listed.

Google/Adsense Banned Check:
Through this service you can verify the domain either its banned from Google search and Google adsense.

Ping Service:
A blog ping is just a piece of text, in simple words. It’ll contain your blog name and the url. It is usually prepared in the XML format. The servers that accept ping have special programs for accepting and processing these XML pings. To prevent a spam you need to wait a time to send a new ping.

Poll Creator:
Create poll’s for your website, its become easy to built your own poll system, it include instant preview, and completely customizable.

Star Rating:
Star Rating , a nice rating system, only you have to choose a style and the code generate by our free tool service, just copy the code and use it anywhere in your website where you want to setup rating system.

Google, Yahoo, Msn Bots Last Visit:
The bots service allows you to check when a search engine bot has crawl your website, and how many pages they have indexed, Yahoo, Msn, Google and etc. The major search engines which index your website, and update the content for surfers to get more about your website. We have developed a service which helps you indicate your website stats.

Google Page Rank Button:
In order to add this free page rank checker tool to your web site and give your visitors the way to check the ranking of any pages, just copy the following HTML code and put it into your HTML document where you want the page rank button to appear of your website. Enter the URL of any website or web page to get its Google Page Rank. Remember, “” and “” may have different results.

Innovative Black Hat Community Introduced – Bhseos

BHSeos Forum is a fresh, new forum community where other fellow blackhat marketers can integrate their ideas with new custom programs built exclusively for the members. This is is a community where you can learn the newest methods and techniques to get ahead in affiliate marketing, local SEO consultant businesses, or promoting your own businesses. We focus on new and exciting custom tools built exclusively for our members – but that’s not all.. You can talk and discuss various ways of competing in tough markets online, or how to use complex tools effectively… focuses on the technical aspects of SEO. We have discussions on advanced marketing strategies, and using blackhat scripts to manipulate search engine results, to outrank your competition, to get your sites indexed, to get high page rank links pointing to your sites. Struggling to properly use Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke, Sick Submitter, Serpassist? Having problems getting your comment spam to stick? We have specific methods, tricks, and tutorials involving the most complex programs in our industry.


We build our own custom tools and offer to our members exclusively. We have a proxy scraper, a referrer spammer, keyword generator, competition analysis, serp scraper, facebook friend adder, and a NEW exclusive backlinking tool that harvests AND spams various frameworks (currently: Laconica/StatusNet, EasyPhpGuestbook and DrbGuestbook, but many more are coming!) which are plugins so the tool will get new plugins all the time, plus you can even create your own plugins.. And that’s just after a week of launching. MANY more tools are on their way. We even take program requests – the facebook friend adder was a request from one of our first members and was delivered the next day. If you need any custom scripts created – you can ask one of the admins or other members (there’s several programmers in the forum) for help.. Plugins have been created for members that had a specific problem with multi-site WP 3.0. If you have a problem and need a solution, just ask! That’s what this forum is here for. To help our members get what they need done, and hopefully other members will benefit as well. You can’t buy that kind of service – we offer it free with your membership.


We’ll be going step by step, explaining the how and why – find out what it takes to use advanced tools – such as Scrapebox, Xrumer, and Senuke. We’ve started several threads, explaining how to get better success rates out of these tools and we’ll be going even further to provide more instruction on how to use programs to increase your online visibility.


There’s new products coming out every day in the SEO field, specifically Blackhat tools, and you never know if they’re worth the sale price they ask… We’ll be reviewing many products, going through each step necessary to successfully use these programs.


Link building is definitely an art form – when it comes to getting complex strategies down to a gameplan that an outsourcer can follow, getting your backlinks indexed, promoting the promoters, using proper keyword strategies, getting GOOD high PR links, buying links, selling links, link velocity – there’s a lot to it. The old way of just doing a Senuke run or submitting your site to directories – watching your site rise in the rankings… well, that just doesn’t work anymore. You need good strategies for getting quality links in such a way, that’s easily replicable, but not easily discounted by the search engines. New strategies are formed daily and at, we’re here to help you with this process and learn from each other. Find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Here’s some examples of the discussions already posted on the forum:

The art of link building, Local SEO – Offering your expertise to local businesses, Mass Spaming with no complaints!, Grab the Keyword-Tool here, Multithreaded HTTP scanner for Linux, Grab ProxyScraper here, Product Reviews, Nested Spinning – Snippet,Testing But Not Getting Cookied, ClickBomb Protection – Lets See Programmer Deliver!,OOP – Search Engine Harvesters, PageRank Lookup, Scrape Proxies from Samair. Redirects By Referrer and Search Engines, domain availability checker, What Server/Host Setup Works best For Cookie Labs, pligg captcha exploit, Grab ReferralDaemon here, Adjacking for fun and profit!, Traffic Vance Alternative, Any Effective Facebook Friend Adders?, XSS Scanner, Introducing the API, Xrumer – Challenges, Improvements and Tips, and much, much more!

At – there’s three main goals we try to achieve:

1. Discuss Blackhat SEO and methods/strategies.
2. Create programs that WORK, and that help us achieve the goals we set out in our methods/strategies for ranking in competitive markets. Create custom blackhat tools requested by our members.
3. Help and learn from other blackhat marketers. Good information is NOT easy to come by. There’s a lot of misinformation published in this industry, some on purpose, but mostly it’s just because of other sites/forums where people are spreading knowledge that they didn’t gain for themselves, and thus – they don’t even know if it’s valid (anymore). Also – the internet marketing industry is dynamic, always changing. You need to keep up with the times. Our idea is to provide you a place where you can get the knowledge and support you need – where you can use tools that actually help you achieve the results you need (whether your providing services for clients or just trying to get your own sites ranking). is NOT just another forum. I hope you take the time to check us out. Register and subscribe to and you will not be disappointed.

3 Top Reasons To Buy Seo Elite

With all the hype you have seen, you must have wondered whether you should buy SEO Elite. It can dramatically increase traffic on your website. After all, the more hits you get, the better your site will fare. There are several things you need to do if you want to increase traffic on your site. If you buy SEO Elite, you will save a lot of time and effort by doing many of these things, because it will do many of these things for you. Let us take a look at these features that make this software such a weapon in your arsenal.

1. There are different ways by which you can increase your website’s ranking on searches. Your titles and contents have to be Search Engine Optimized, and you have to have a good number of back links. This task becomes very easy once you buy SEO Elite. It will take care of your back links mainly through four tools.

a. Know thy enemy – SEO Elite will take care of this. You will have detailed reports of all your competitors’ back links, information you can use to increase your own. You can even attempt to link to the same sites as your competition. This task becomes very easy once you buy SEO Elite. It will take care of your back links mainly through four tools.

b. You have to have your site linked not only to other websites, but also to link directories. When you buy SEO Elite, this becomes very easy and very quick. Once you develop an email template, you can send as many mails as you like to websites, at once, saving you a lot of time and effort. With SEO Elite, you can specify the exact requirements of the sites and directories you want to link to, including ‘authority websites’, and get the traffic you want on your site.

c. After you buy SEO Elite, the whole process of checking exactly which of your link partners are not linking to you becomes very simple.

d. SEO Elite will submit your articles, with a link to your site at the bottom, to article directories on the Net. This is yet another important way of building back links.

2. You will get graphic representation of exactly where your site stands in different search engines. This is not just with the most popular of search engines, but ones like AltaVista etc. as well.

3. You also have to make sure that all the pages in your site are indexed; otherwise no amount of key words will make any difference. When you buy SEO Elite, you can see which of your pages are not indexed.

If you are new on the Web, you can get good ranking much more quickly than you can otherwise, using this software. If you are an old hand, it will save you time and effort, while still giving you better results than you can get manually. Either way, if you buy SEO Elite, you will get good rankings a lot easier than without it.

Seo-meta Tag Your Website

Meta Tags are a valuable aid to your search engine optimization. As some may claim to launch your site as a showstopper using Meta tags, it is not so. It will help your site improve its listing rank only and does not magically make visitors begging for more! Meta Tags are basically HTML code inserted into the website page following the title tag. Meta tags are used for many purposes but when referring to SEO, this constitutes Meta descriptions tag and Meta keywords tag. At one point of time Meta tags were very essential for search engine function as it helped them to determine the contents and subject matter of a website. Although more advanced techniques have replaced Meta tags, it is still important as search engines use them as snippets in facilitating search engine results.

But still their importance cannot be under stressed. Meta keyword tags and Meta description tags were introduced to simplify the procedure for website owners and provide search engines with Meta document data. Besides these two tags there Meta copyrights tag, Meta refresh tag, revisit tag, Meta authors tag etc. These are useful as they provide guidance to web crawlers and web browsers in prioritizing your site in the search.

At this point you would want to ask how to generate Meta tags. The Advanced Meta tag generator enables you to add Meta tags to your site for SEO purposes. To generate the Meta tag code for your site you need to fill in a simple form and the Meta tag generator generates the code for your website. The Meta tag description requires you to submit a brief description about the website and it is advisable that you concisely describe your contents so that the search engine can use them. Remember to not use too many words as most generators consider the first 20-30 words only. This Meta tag generator is available for free online.

Meta tags can also be used to make your website suitable for all user age groups, particularly children. By the addition of a PICS (platform for Internet Content Selection) label to the website, you can get your website rated. Meta tags can also control browser, robots and internal categorization of your website. Internal categories are required where you have multiple authors and contributors to your site contents. The Meta tags useful here are related to the author’s name and last update of the content. With Meta robot tag you can permit indexing by robots. Lastly you can use a Meta tag analyzer to assess the Meta tags you have used.

Search Engine Optimization Myth – Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimizing) is Complex

The primary myth I’d really like to pay attention to regarding search engine marketing is the belief which is all about the notion that search engine marketing (SEO) is tricky. I’m constantly interested with the causes individuals give for certain ideas and i often hear numerous regarding precisely how complicated search engine marketing (Website seo) could be – especially for non-seo pros. Yet I have to say we have never identified this viewpoint to be real regarding search engine marketing. We don’t think search engine marketing (Web optimization) is tricky. I’m sure a lot of people who have gained good website positioning employing Website placement, together with myself, and quite a few have stated that using seo for their websites has not been complicated. Sometimes a number of acknowledged that contingent on what we have been working on it invested some time to accomplish the Search engine marketing career; but seo appearing tricky – certainly no. I tend to feel that if most people offer an standard level of personal computer knowledge and capabilities and they have great Seo info they can utilize to help them via the Website placement job process, they’ll have certainly no troubles pertaining to search engine marketing. Essentially, it’s not seo which makes Website placement hard work challenging; it is actually the possible lack of admission to good facts concerning Search engine ranking optimization that may cause web optimization (Web optimization) seem like a lot far more complicated than it actually is in all credibility. Website positioning work may take period to accomplish based on the amount of details involved; nonetheless it’s not really nuclear physics. Today can any individual do Website seo? – the answer is no; however, the men and women that would have trouble performing Search engine ranking optimization work would be the same individuals who would have problems performing a large assortment of computer associated jobs. Usually, if an individual can operate a computer perfectly enough to follow along with guidelines to setup software, they usually can carry out seo labor correctly given they’ve very good guidance and info. Web optimization tasks is not as uncomplicated and/or as speedy as adding a few meta tags; but website positioning is not approximately as difficult and cumbersome as you may have recently been steer to assume from last conversations and/or from facts you may have read through regarding Web optimization. Search engine optimization (Search engine ranking optimization) is usually a multi million-dollar sector. Superb natural 100 % free) browser’s search engine outcomes literally facilitate to yield vast amounts of us dollars each and every twelve months for web site owners and website seo is actually a advantageous strategy in helping to acquire those natural and organic(zero cost) search engine results. It truly is not surprising with immeasureable web sales and marketing us dollars obtainable over a yearly basis that web optimization (Seo) which can allow anyone or organization a competitive edge inside the extremely high pace internet community will captivate various thoughts, suggestions, fans and detractors Additionally, through a mixture of conception and actuality that highlights search engine optimization as a solution to rising online revenue, search marketing is usually a very well-known issue for choice producers within several businesses and to be truthful if these folks together with the typical online industry may be assured that seo is difficult then quite a few of these persons will choose to outsource Seo related solutions.

6 Totally Free Search Engine Optimization Equipment to Powercharge Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Just about every Seo specialist agrees that executing Search engine optimisation barehanded is a dead-finish deal. Search engine optimization software program tends to make that time consuming and painstaking work a whole lot more quickly and easier. There are a fantastic amount of Seo equipment developed to serve every single purpose of web site optimization. They give you a helping hand at every single stage of Search engine optimization starting up with key phrase analysis and finishing with the evaluation of your Search engine optimization marketing campaign results. Today you can find a broad variety of entirely free of charge Web optimization equipment offered on the world wide web. And this overview of the most common no cost Seo equipment is heading to aid you select up the ones that can make your web site popularity soar. Google AdWords Key phrase Instrument Key phrases lay the basis stone of every single Web optimization marketing campaign. Therefore search phrases unearthing and faceting is the first action on the way to Google’s prime. Of course you might place on your contemplating cap and make up the checklist of key phrases on your personal. But that is like a shot in the darkish given that your concepts may well considerably differ from the phrases folks actually enter in Google. Right here, Google AdWords Keyword Instrument arrives in useful. Regardless of the simple fact that this tool is originally aimed to aid Google AdWords advertisers, you can use that for key phrase research also. Google AdWords Key phrase Instrument helps you locate out which keyword phrases to target, reveals the competitors for the picked search phrases, lets you see approximated targeted traffic volumes and supplies the record of strategies on popular search phrases. Google AdWords Key phrase Software has a end users-friendly interface and additionally it’s entirely cost-free. You can use some other paid substitute instruments like Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery that might be effective as effectively, but Google AdWords Key phrase Instrument is the greatest leader amid free of charge key phrase investigation resources. XML Sitemaps Generators To make positive all your pages get crawled and indexed you need to set sitemaps for your internet site. They are like prepared-to-crawl webs for Google spiders that allow them to swiftly come across out what pages are in spot and which ones have been lately updated. Sitemaps can also be useful for human site visitors due to the fact they organize the total construction of website’s subject material and make website navigation a whole lot less complicated. The XML Sitemap Generator lets you make up XML, ROR sitemaps that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo! and plenty of other search engines. This Web optimization tool also lets you create HTML sitemaps that increase web site navigation for people and make your website website visitors-pleasant. Search engine optimisation Book’s Rank Checke To test regardless of whether your optimization marketing campaign is blowing sizzling or cold you need to have a great rank checking device to measure the fluctuations of your website’s rankings. Search engine optimization Book’s Rank Checker can be of excellent support in that. It’s a Firefox plug-in that lets you run checking ranks in Massive Three: Google, Yahoo! and Bing and effortlessly export the collected information. All you have to do is enter you website’s URL and the keywords and phrases you want to examine your positions for. That’s it and in some seconds Seo Book’s Rank Checker offers you with the success on your rankings. It’s fast, straightforward-in-use and free of charge. Backlinks Observe Links are like the ace of trumps in Google reputation sport. The position is that the more good quality backlinks are on your backlink profile the larger your web site ranks. That’s why a very good Search engine marketing software for website link homework and evaluation is a should-have in your arsenal. Backlink Check out is an on the web backlink checker that helps you not only see what sites have back links to your page, but also gives you some knowledge for Search engine optimization analysis, such as the title of the linking page, the anchor text of the website link, it says regardless of whether the link has dofollow or nofollow tag, and so on. The only disadvantage of this software is that it provides you only one,000 backlinks per a internet site, irrespective of the actual number of backlinks a web page has. Compete Compete[dot]com supplies a big pool of analytical data to fish from. It’s an on-line instrument for monitoring and analysis of on the web opposition that gives two classes of companies: free Web site Analytics and subscription primarily based compensated Lookup Analytics that lets you get advantage of some added features. Compete an out-and-outer Search engine marketing instrument that lets you see targeted traffic and engagement metrics for a specified site and find the websites for affiliating and hyperlink creating functions. Compete is also a great key phrase analyzer, since it lets you run the evaluation of your on-line competitors’ keyword phrases. Some other attributes to mention are subdomain analysis, export to CSV, tagging and so on. Search engine optimization PowerSuite. Search engine marketing PowerSuite is all-in-an individual Search engine optimisation toolkit that lets you cover all factors of website optimization. It consists of 4 Seo equipment to nail all Search engine marketing duties. Website Auditor is a fantastic leg-up for creating smashing subject material for your web site. It analyzes you prime ten on-line competition and functions out a surefire system based on the finest optimization practices in your niche. Rank Tracker is a fantastic at your web site positions monitoring and creating the most click-productive phrases. Search engine optimization SpyGlass is powercharged Search engine optimisation application for backlink checking and evaluation. This is the only Search engine optimisation tool that lets you learn up to fifty,000 backlinks per a site and produce reports with ready-to-use internet site optimization tactic. And the final and the most innovative in this row is LinkAssistant. It is a attribute-loaded powerhouse Search engine optimisation device for hyperlink constructing and management that shoulders the principal features of offpage optimization. Free versions of these four resources let you tackle the primary optimization problems. You can also acquire an prolonged edition of Web optimization PowerSuite with superior features to make your optimization marketing campaign full. Summing points up we can conclude that there are a lot of Search engine marketing instruments that will never ever melt away a hole in your pocket and let you properly run your website optimization campaign with minimal of charges and efforts.

Internal Search Engine Marketing Versus Employing a Great Search Engine Optimization Corporation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quite much the buzz phrase. Often corporations looking to learn more about exactly what SEO are generally baffled with how this specific new subject of promoting can attain them a good edge. Well it has been verified time in addition to time again so it definitely can certainly gain a good edge over your competitors. The problem a profitable business has in order to assess is whether they should require a specialist SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Company as well as use recent resources of their respective THE IDEA Departments or Build-it-yourself. This content explores the pluses and minuses of each. In-house & Diy Advantages: You have complete command. You can change things instantaneously. You will find out about the interior working of this website and as well read more about the World-wide-web and how yahoo and google work. Negatives: It is often a specialized field and looking to do it delays the particular inevitable and also allows your rivals to gain an advantage on people; also you could end up getting more problems in the foreseeable future by getting hired wrong. You will need to have an intimate knowledge of this website, the way it operates, HTML even any scripting languages that the website employs, like PHP. Furthermore, you will likely need to buy some commercial tools make use of, like WordTracker, WebPosition and SEO Top-notch. WordTracker enables you to effectively study Keywords, WebPosition allows you to track your own websites ranking within the search effects for given keyword phrases and SEO Elite means that you can track many links aimed at your web. Purchasing these kinds of three necessary bits of software can cost you around USD$900. In addition, you have to have a lots of time to see about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, take on the internet courses, such as StomperNet, pay attention to podcasts, like MrSEO podcast and read as often SEO material as you can. For this StomperNet course you are thinking about about USD$3000 in addition to miscellaneous associated with books probably will run approximately another USD$1000. Complete for In-house DO-IT-YOURSELF, roughly USD$1500 to USD$4900. Not becoming experienced enough to recognise when and things know about change. Being unsure of how to link develop effectively. Not having any moment to study and discover enough for making the proper changes and modifications internet – predicted at about 200 time of study, learning along with analyzing. As SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION takes time for it to see any leads to google you will need to not only learn the required knowledge in order to implement SEO but also give yourself the time to create tweaks as well as ongoing analysis. So to create and configure an average website with 10 static pages it will need you likely 2 days to weeks and continuing link building is going to be many, many countless days to weeks. Also, you need to take the time so that you do not overdo your current SEO, spamming as well as stuffing keywords into websites as this really is as damaging as not really doing anything to the website in the first place. Hiring a great SEO Firm Advantages: You don’t must use inner staff means or adjust the focus of your respective business. Hiring the specialized internet marketing and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Company means you have access to experts from the field who have a riches of expertise and resources. An WEB OPTIMIZATION Company will probably know the actual lay of the land devoid of you having to learn what exactly they already know just to specialist levels. The net Marketing Company will be your greatest partner in working in the direction of achieving your online Internet marketing objectives. Drawbacks: Using a professional SEO Company costs money. You will need to realize that even when you have hired a firm to implement your Seo you will probably still should work with consultation with them to be able to market your web site online correctly – explaining your online marketing aims, objectives, deadlines along with budgets. Research before you buy, look in the SEO Firm as well as portfolio, event studies along with history involving successes, make sure it is a dependable firm as well as don’t panic to question questions. What to look for in an SEO Corporation A quality and reputable SEO company can have a excellent reputation along with a strong presence inside Online Promoting and WEB OPTIMIZATION industry. Before you start, I propose searching within Google with regard to “Online Marketing” or even “SEO” of your country or region. Glance at the potential SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING firm’s internet sites, their portfolios as well as take several notes. Give these individuals a call and pay attention to if you’re able to arrange a meeting at his or her office and directly to discuss details along with gather details. Discuss your needs and how you can best obtain your targets. Take note in their professional character, their historical past, case scientific tests and vision for ones online presence as well as make certain you are happy with the specialist and private relationship you have with the corporation representatives as this is an continuing one. While the advantages and drawbacks of optimizing your website and also employing a SEO Corporation are diverse I do think it important to indicate that no matter how good you think you are usually an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION firm will almost always be better with SEO. If you really would like to see results, you have hardly any time next hiring a great SEO firm is the only method to get. If you’ve got time and many website expertise you may be willing to set up the time period and try doing the work yourself. My just thought on this is that you wouldn’t use a plumber to repair a problem along with your car. Whenever all is usually said and done, good Search engine optimization will get a website results. It is vital to be certain you are making the suitable decisions within your online advertising and marketing as this could be the lifeblood of your business and it is certainly an ideal way to promote your company and make sales leads.

Search Engine Marketing And Search Engine Optimization: Any Difference?

For many casual internet users, the terms SEM and SEO rarely enter their minds when they are busy jumping from one website to another. However, it is these terms that determine much of what comes out on the results page whenever we type in a word in the search tab of any accessible search engine. These terms are also responsible for all those advertisements and pop-ups that link us to even more websites, whether they may be connected to our original search or not. So just what are SEM and SEO? In the simplest way possible, SEM and SEO are tools which website creators, especially those who are promoting and selling a certain service or product, use in order to gain a lot of exposure and better ranking for their website. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the simplicity ends there. To make it a tad bit complex, SEM and SEO are not the same. As suggested by the names, SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, deals more with how a website is marketed to gain exposure in the different search engines available on the internet, while SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, deals with how the web creators develop and re-develop the content, quality and structure of their entire websites so that whenever an internet user types in a particular word in the search tab, their websites have a better chance of appearing on the first few search engine results pages (SERPS). Now, to make it even more complex, although the functions of SEM and SEO seem different, they are more effective when used together. Since the main function of SEM is to gain more exposure for a website, the more common means for attraction are online advertisements, blogs, internet articles, partner and sponsored websites, and anything that can catch the eye of the internet user. SEM also makes use of PPC (pay-per-click) and paid inclusion to further push a website’s visibility. Lastly, it is also an important process in SEM to submit the name and URL of a website to different search engines and web directories if only to inform them of the website’s existence. All this is carried out to ensure the popularity of a website. So how does SEO come together with SEM? Well, despite having all the advertisements provided by SEM, it is truly the SEO that allows the internet user to easily and conveniently find what he is looking for. Since the function of SEO is to gain a better ranking in the SERPS, the web creator has to constantly optimize his website in order to cater to the needs of the internet user and to make it easier for spiders or web crawlers to judge whether the website’s content is relevant to the word/s being searched. Optimization is not a simple and easy task. It involves having to restructure the website regularly (by editing the html code and meta tags, changing content, reorganizing the site map, developing an easier navigational structure, etc.) so as to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the internet user. Still, when done properly, not only does SEO help a website become more useful and therefore, more often visited by the internet user, it also helps gain more exposure since it increases the website’s chances of gaining a better rank in the SERPS. Both SEM and SEO success rely heavily on the words or context which Internet users type in whenever they search for something on the internet. Take PPC under SEM, for example. PPC is an ad that is triggered by a particular word or context used by an internet user. Once a particular word or context is searched, a corresponding PPC ad for a website comes out. SEO works in the same way. The web creator inputs a particular Meta tag (or keyword) in his html that he believes many internet users will use when searching for information, information which the web creator’s website may contain. Although all of these processes involving SEM and SEO are tedious and time-consuming, it all boils down to knowing and serving the target audience. A web creator must be discerning enough to know what the internet users need and want, and at the same time he must have the real passion to inform and provide the internet users with the right service and product.

Social Media Optimization is an Imperative Façade of Search Engine Optimization

The increasing connotation of Social networking web sites has made its role more significant in Search Engine Optimization. In present times of advanced technologies, without Social Media Optimization the SEO process is deficient. The very fact that you can reach out to potential customers directly and enquire about feedback of specific products or services makes these social networking web sites such as Twitter, Face Book and Linked In more popular. Web users from all across the globe use these social networking web portals to socialize and connect with their friends. However companies, businesses and high end individuals are increasingly getting involved in such web portals to make sure that their end users or fans can be directly contacted for feedback, ideas, innovation and a lot more. Expanding the online presence of the client’s web portal is the foremost reason of SEO specialists getting indulged in Social Media Optimization. The real time indexing of these web portals by search engine giants also help the web sites of the clients to gain significant connotation when it comes down to SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In this way, the SEO companies can heighten the net presence of the client’s web portal. The most advantageous usage of social media optimization is that you can post links for people to click on them and thus you have the power to direct them on to your web portal. This power should be exercised carefully as if web users suspect that you are spanning them, your links won’t do any good. This is exactly why a lot of link building firms use the social networking tool to achieve maximum profits. We can think of social media optimization in two broad ways; first is when you embed share buttons on your web portal, so that when people deem the page resourceful, they share it with their friends on a plethora of web sites such as: – facebook, myspace, stumble upon, twitter, linked in, delicious, digg, and a lot more. And the latter is when you engage in social networking by opening an account in the web portals and take part actively in discussion, exchanging facts and interacting. The facility of adding video and images also enhances your prospects of internet marketing and video promotions. Making appropriate usage of social media web portals will surely let you lay your hands on excellent ROI (Return on Investment) that too in a very petite time frame. But for this the SEO specialists engaging in Social Media Optimization must give apt time to these activities and must be regular in their work. The secret lies in updating the social networking web portals regularly with resourceful and to the point information. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” truly depicts the social networking scenario and you can not afford to be out of sight. Apart from driving organic traffic on to the web portals of clients, Social Media Optimization also works wonder when it comes to escalating the brand awareness of a particular client.